Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You Spend Me Right Round

Hi Lovelies!

Don't you hate it when you get a song stuck in your head? Well, that has been happening to me all day. I have had the same three songs playing on rewind all day long. These happen to be songs that I listened to way back in the 80s ( only the best decade ever!!!). I would dance and sing to my heart's content in my room and just have fun. These songs were the soundtrack of my life. So here is a look into the kind of music that I love and that I hope to introduce the Little too very soon.

Here we go!! Enjoy and see if they get stuck in your head!

1. Mickey- Toni Basil

2.  Only in My Dreams- Debbie Gibson

3. 867-5309 Jenny- Tommy Tu Tone

4. Shout- Tears for Fears

5. Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley

So, there are the songs that have been playing on repeat in my head all day long. As I said before, these are some of the songs that I consider the soundtrack of my life.

What are the songs that are playing on repeat in your head?


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