Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol Performance Recap (4/27) and elimination

This week was the songs of Carol King. 

This recap was taken from  My comments are included.

Jacob Lusk, "Oh No, Not My Baby"Sorry Randy and Jimmy, but I don't want Jacob to go back to his "I Believe I Can Fly" caterwauling. Look no further. And his failed attempts to "riff" in the studio kind of proved that point. That said, what Jacob came up with when he hit the stage was actually not so bad. He went after a few big notes in ways that worked and he did a lot of interesting riffing that wasn't necessarily at the top of his register. And though dancing isn't his strong suit (although much improved from the "Man in the Mirror" bump-and-grind), he clearly had a good time performing, which was nice after a couple weeks of super serious tunes. I'd go as far to say that this was my favorite performance from Jacob all season, and it couldn't come at a better time.
The Judges Say: Steven liked that he shook his tail feathers, and that his strut was magic. Jennifer said he killed it and Randy said Jacob, despite being sharp in spots, brought himself back.
What I say: I still don't like him. His voice really does get on my nerves. I think his singing is boring and I also think he needs to raise the bar next week. This was one of the worst performances of the night.

Lauren Alaina, "Where You Lead"
Here's where I vent about the Idol judges. Last week they went on and on about Lauren going after the big notes, as if she hadn't already done them on the show. So, her intro package was all about her insecurity of singing notes she is clearly capable of singing. Babyface makes this all clear to Lauren while Miley Cyrus... well, she didn't really do much of anything during her surprise visit. Lauren did a great job with the song, and seemed more comfortable and into her performance than she has in a while. I'm not so sure about the dragging of a random dude on stage for most of the song, but she sang well. Perhaps now she'll go with her gut.
The Judges Say: Or maybe not, since all the judges can talk about is how her voice cracked a little bit. (But they liked that! Really!) Jennifer said she was proud of Lauren for pushing herself. Randy said the song choice was safe and boring, but that she sang with a vengeance. (Aka, she's in it to win it.) Steven said she manifested the light. Yeah, I've got nothing.
What I say: I enjoyed her performance. She is really stepping her game week after week. She is in it to win. Based off of last night's performance she will be in the top three.

Haley and Casey, "I Feel the Earth Move"Both Ryan and the interview package preceding this song highlighted/made fun of the reported behind-the-scenes romance between Haley and Casey. Overall, I liked their performance, perhaps even more than their duet a couple weeks ago. (Maybe mix it up a bit more, Nigel?) I think Haley was the star of this performance, as Casey has sort of reverted into crazy yelling guy lately. Intensity is fine, but there should be a limit.
The Judges Say: Steven said Casey's love for Haley showed. There was nothing he didn't like about the performance.

Scotty McCreery, "You've Got a Friend"Babyface cautioned Scotty against falling into the country trick of bending notes with his twang. (Amen!) And although there was still plenty of twang to go around, this was the biggest departure from Scotty's comfort zone yet. And, surprise, surprise, it was actually pretty good. No, Scotty doesn't' have a crazy range, but he did prove that he had some range, and he tenderly sang most of this song in his upper register. I'll take this Scotty over cocky eyebrow-singing Scotty any day.
The Judges Say: Randy says Scotty turned the other cheek, but what he really meant to say is that Scotty showed a different side. Steven said he's never sang better and that the song showed off all of him. Jennifer liked seeing him reach for bigger notes.
What I say: I liked that he finally stepped out of his comfort zone. I enjoyed his performance and I still think he has a chance of being in the top three as well.

James Durbin, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"I really dug the mostly a cappella opening to the song, and while I didn't mind when the band kicked in, I knew that was going to give rocker James the notion to wail with the high notes. And he did, not as excessively as last week, but he just can't help himself. There was nothing offensive about the song, but I almost would have preferred to hear the whole thing stripped down. That would have truly been out of James's comfort zone.
The Judges Say: Steven, who made out with a girl for the first time to this song, said it was beautiful. Jennifer said it was magical and loves how consistently good James is. For the second week, she brand him the "star of the night" before everyone has sung. (OK, we get it. You want him to win.) But just in case, Randy says James might be the one to win this year.
What I say: Love Love Love James!!! He has always been my favorite and I still say he is going to win!!!!

Scotty and Lauren, "Up on the Roof"Scotty and Lauren team up for a third (third!) time this season, because the country kids just have to sing together. The song was a little sleepy, but Lauren once again shows her chops while Scotty tries to keep up.
The Judges Say: Jennifer said Lauren "[sang] your brains off." Oh, and Scotty did a good job singing second voice. (That might be the most honest thing she's said all season.)

Casey Abrams, "Hi-De-Ho"This is definitely more Casey than Maroon 5, but I have to admit that I'm finally tiring of Casey. Like in his duet with Haley, he was really aggressive and shouty. Even his stalking around the stage and swatting the hands of fans seems angry and on-edge. It was after a couple weeks of that earlier this year that he was voted off the show before the judges' save. I think he might be in for a similar fate this week.
The Judges Say: Randy says he always bring something different and entertaining. Steven said he's found his niche and makes his scalp itch. Jennifer wants him to loosen up his legs. (Yep, nothing about singing, folks!)
What I say: I did not like this one at all. I thought he yelled way too much throughout the whole song. I think it was the one of the worst performances of the night.

Haley Reinhart, "Beautiful"I was slow to be won over by Haley, but I think she's just about done it. She's being more judicious with the growl and she is one of the few people left I can imagine still being an artist after the buzz of the show has died down. At this point, she remains interesting — someone I find myself looking forward to, just to see what she's going to do.
The Judges Say: Steven said she nailed it. Jennifer said it was beautiful and amazing, and that she has one of the best voices in the competition. Randy didn't like the beginning but the end was good.
What I say: She's not bad, not bad at all. She is kind of growing on me.

James and Jacob, "I'm Into Something Good"I wish I had turned it off after Haley, who deserved the "pimp spot." Instead, the show ended with the pairing of Jacob and James, who aside from their penchant for squealing high notes, have zero in common stylistically. But hey, they spun Jennifer around in her chair and showed viewers The Most Beautiful Woman in the World's legs.
The Judges Say: Steven said it wasn't the most award-winning performance. "Where were you going with all that?" he asks. If only we knew.
What I say: This is the only duet worth talking about. I maybe the only who actually like this duet. James and Jacob had fun singing together.


Casey was eliminated on tonight's episode.

~Mama Bear

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

I cannot believe it's already Wednesday Two more days until Friday!! Anyway, here are my Wednesday Randoms.

1. I'm watching all of my Friends DVDs. I only have 5 of the seasons (seasons 1,3,7,9,10). All I need now are the remaining seasons 2,4,5,6,9.

2. I'm reading Sweet Valley High Confidential. So far, I'm love, love, loving it!!! It takes me back to when I would curl up in my bed at night and read until the wee hours of the morning. I loved getting lost in the world of Sweet Valley!!

3. I have washed 4 loads of clothes, and have only folded and put away one of those loads. Laundry is my nemesis!!!

4. I made stew for supper tonight. Yummo!

5. The weather here is so-so. One minute it's cloudy and cool and the next minute it is sunny and hot. I am so ready for summer.

6. It's the third week, and I am already behind in my classes.

7. I'm almost done with my incompletes, I should be finished by the end of next week.

8. We think Baby Bear will be a lefty.

9. Baby Bear's 2nd Easter was AWESOME!!! Post to come later.

10. Mama Bear is getting a mini makeover this Friday. I cannot wait!!

~Mama Bear

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol Performance Recap

The “American Idol” Top 7 took on songs from the 21st Century and the overall show was way better than I ever thought it would be. I was not impressed with the opening number from the eliminated contestants at all. Pia Toscano had great stage presence, but it did show why the other contestants were eliminated. I still think viewers got it wrong when Pia was voted off so early. She was clearly the better singer out of the ones who were eliminated.

Now on to the performance recap.

Scotty McCreery, Swingin' by Leann Rimes. He was actually able to sing a 1983 song only because Leann Rimes had covered it. In my opinion, it was not his best performance. If he wants to stay in the competition then he really needs to branch out and start taking some risks.

James Durbin, Uprising, my Muse. I must admit, I have never heard the song before, or the group for that matter, but I absolutley loved the the song and the performance!!! It was hands down, the best performance of the night!!!

Hailey Reinhart, Rolling in the Deep, by Adele.  This was probably the second best performance of the night. She performed the song perfectly. I think she made a smart move by choosing to sing Adele, with the record being #1 right now it might have saved her this week.

Jacob Lusk, Dance with my Father by Luther Vondross. This by far was the most boring performance of the evening.  He really needs to sing something other than ballads and to quit doing all of those runs. His entire performance was just so boring that it actually put me to sleep!!

Casey Abrams, Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5. I cannot believe that he sang this song. At first I didn't recognize it. It wasn't until the chorus that I finally realized what song it was. It was a weird performance. All of it. His movements, the arrangement, his singing. It just didn't work for me. The only thing that will safe him is his flirting with Jennifer Lopez.

Stefano Langone, Closer by Ne-O. I have never been a fan of Stefano at all. His performance was the worst of the night. That's all I have to say about him.

Lauren Alaina, Born to Fly by Sara Evans. This was not her best performance. She is still an effortless performer, but it just wasn't her best at all. She had an entire decade to choose I feel she could have picked a better song.

My Predictions--

Safe- James and Scotty

Most likely safe- Hailey and Lauren

Bottom 3- Stefano, Casey, and Jacob

Eliminated- Stefano


Stefano was eliminated!!! It's about time!!!!

~Mama Bear


Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol Performance Recap

 Last night the judges could not utter a negative thing about the contestants last night. At this stage of the game, each contestants’ flaws and strengths are now well known. The talent is just so good that it is hard to find something negative about each contestant. Even the worst contestants (Haley, Stefano, and Paul), they still find something positive to say about them.

1. Paul McDonald- he sang Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Segar from Risky Business. So not the right song for his voice. The song did not match his voice at all.

2. Lauren Alainia-  she sand The Climb by Miley Cyrus. I thought this was a very good fit for her voice and I thought that she sang the song better than Miley. Her voice is much stronger as well. If one girl is safe tonight it has to be Lauren.

3. Stefano Langone- he sang End of the Road by Boyz II Men. I thought this was one of the worst perfoemances of the evening. I so did not like his performance at all and I did not agree with the judges either. I think he will be the next to be eliminated. He should have been eliminated last week.

4. Scotty McCreery- he sang Cross My Heart by George Strait. I thought this was the best song for his voice. He did great with it.

5. Casey Abrams- he sang Nature Boy by Nat King Cole. I think he should stayed with his first pick In the Air Tonight. He would have done much better. I just did not like Nature Boy at all, in fact, it bored me to tears.

6. Haley Reinhart- she sang call me by Blondie. I thought this was her worst performance to date. It felt strained. She picked a very bad song. She is in danger of being in the bottom 3.

7. Jacob Lusk- he sang Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. It is me or does his voice sound like nails going down a chalkboard? His voice really gets on my nerves. He reminds to much of Fantasia from season 3. This song just did not match his voice at all.

8. James Durbin- he sang Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar. He brought down the house!!!He kicked it up a notch and turned non-metal fans into metal fans. He sang with his heart and soul. As one person on the blog tonight said, he is not Adam Lambert, who is theater at heart. James is metal at heart. He picked the best song to showcase his voice. He has been my pick since his audition to win American Idol.

My predictions for tonight are:

I think Paul, Stefano and Haley will be in the bottom three and Stefano will go home. I have been saying for three weeks that Stefano should go home, hopefully tonight is the night for that to happen.

So there you have it, my predictions for tonight.

~ Mama Bear


Paul was eliminated on Thursday's elimination episode.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun Mom Survey

I found this on a message board that I belong to and thought it would be fun to post. Plus, I'm avoiding studying and cleaning the house while Baby Bear is asleep!!!

Here it is-

1. How long have you been a Mom? one year 

2. How many children call you (or have called you) Mommy? 1

3. Girl? Boy? Both? How many? 1 beautiful baby girl

4. Did you know what you were having before you gave birth? yes, we couldn't wait to find out

5. How old were you when you became a Mom? 37

6. How long were you in labor? 14 hours, but I had to have a c section 

7. What’s your favorite thing about being a mom? Watching my baby girl grow up and experience the fun things in life like Christmas morning.

8. What’s your least favorite thing? don't have one!!!

9. Do you want more kids? Yes, in fact, we are currently TTC baby #2

10. Does/did daddy change diapers? Occasionally 

11. Is/are your child(ren) named after anyone? Yes

12. How did you come up with their name(s)? She was named after both me and DH (Here first name is a form of my first name and her middle name is the same as DH's

13. When your child gets in trouble, who is the bad guy? She hasn't gotten in trouble yet, but I will be the "bad cop"

14. What is the longest you have been away from your children? two hours at the most

15. Bedtime routine? Bath, book, bottle

16. Are your toes painted? nope

17. Last movie you saw in the theatre? Clash of the Titans

18. Last time you had a date? Last summer

19. One thing you will not give up just because you’re a mom? Time w/DH

20. One thing you did give up now that you’re a mom? Alone time.

21. Best mom perk? Someone to call me mama

22. Snack you sneak bites from your child? none

23. When the kid is napping, you are? depends on the day and time

24. Where is your child now? napping2

25. If I could do it over, I’d do this differently? I probably wouldn't do anything differently

~ Mama Bear 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hi everyone!! My name is Angie (aka Mama Bear) and welcome to my little corner of the internet (aka my blog)!! Our daughter (aka Baby Bear) was born a year ago on a cool spring night and she has been the light of lives. I am what you would call a domestic diva, I am also a full time graduate student studying psychology at Capella University. My husband (aka Papa Bear) teaches college English and is a Dallas Cowboys fan and he is an avid Xbox player (when he has the time). Together, we are raising Baby Bear and enjoying every grin and giggle she has for us.

This blog is meant to chronicle our lives as first time parents, but it will also a hodgepodge of different topics. For example, I will talk about my love of baking and cooking and will from time to time share some recipes, my love of reading, and anything that is on my mind at the moment.

Again, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my life

~ Mama Bear