Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Social

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Sunday Social!!! I can't believe that May is almost over and June is just around the corner. This month has been a busy one with appointments, having fun, and finally opening my Etsy shop (Sweet Pea Designs Too). It has been fun making the items (planner bands, bookmark paperclips, washi shapes and squares). 

Anyway, back to today's post! Here are this week's questions:

1. What is your favorite handbag you own?

I honestly do not remember the name of the handbag, but here is a pic of it.

2. Three things you would buy now if money were no object.

A kindle fire, a Coach bag, and a Macbook.

3. Name a place you would go if given a plane ticket anywhere.


4. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from blogging. 

To keep parts of your life private.

5. What is the most valuable lesson that you learned from a friend?

That friends come and go, and that that there will always be a time to find each other and catch up.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 Things I'm bad At

Hi Lovelies!

Okay, so I saw this on another blog, this blog actually and was inspired to write about the five that I'm just not so good at. And so I decided to just put it out there because I'm not perfect (hey, who is), so how about we do this... okay... here we go!

1. Twitter

I have an account but I never use it. I just don't see the point of it.

2. Video games

This is something that my husband is always telling me.I'm bad at them and I just don't understand how someone can play the same game over and over for days at a time. 

3. Laundry

Yes. I'm bad at this thing we call laundry. I just don't like the idea that once it's done it just seems to pile back up. Folding it is the worst. I mean I don't mind washing and drying but the folding and putting away, I just don't like it. You could say that I have a love-hate relationship with laundry.

4. Menu planning

I suck at menu planning. I start with the best of intentions and by this I mean, I search the internet for recipes, I look through magazines and I put a plan together. However, I can never seem to stick with it. I'll just keep trying!!!

5. Homework

I used to be so organized with the classes that I am taking, but this semester, not so much. I have been behind for the last two weeks and I am trying to play catch up.

So, what things are you bad at?


Friday, May 23, 2014

Best Mom Ever!!!!

Hi Lovelies!!

Just ordered this for my little girl! She is obsessed with Paw Patrol this little dude is her favorite. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she opens this!!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Social- Summer Edition

Hi Lovelies! 

I really need to get rid of this writer's block. I just haven't been able to think of anything interesting to write lately. Anyway, here is this week's Sunday Social and it's all about Summer!!! 


This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your best summer memory as a kid?

Going to the lake, swimming, and camping.

2. What is your favorite summer drink?

Ice cold lemonade

3. What is your favorite summer TV show?

Under the Dome! I am currently watching the previous season on Amazon and I love it. I'm also a big Stephen King fan!!! 

4. What is the best outdoor summer activity?

I would have to say swimming. 

5. What are your summer vacation essentials?

Sunscreen, bathing suit, cute sandals, a tote, and sunglasses.

Have a great Sunday!!!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Current Favorites

Hi Lovelies! 

Soooo... I was looking around blogland today and saw this post and, why not? I thought it looked like fun so I wrote the questions down and answered them. So without further adieu, here is tonight's post.  

Favorite Quote:

One of my favorite quotes happens to be from one of my favorite short stories by Stephen King:

 "I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?" From Stand by Me. When you think about it, the quote is so true. 

Favorite Drink:

Strawberry Lemonade

Favorite thing my husband has said to me:

I think my favorite thing that my husband tells is that I am a good mom. He doesn't say it often but when he does it make me feel so special. 
Favorite topic to search on Pinterest:

Planners. I'm obsessed with planners!!!

Favorite movie:

Hands down.... Dirty Dancing!! I love the music, the dancing, everything about the movie.

Favorite blog read:

OrganizedJen. I love her organization skills. I have learned alot from her.

What are your current favorites?


Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Blues

Hi Lovelies!

It's Monday again and I have the Monday Blues :(. As I was playing on Google I found this cute quote about Mondays and I thought it was very fitting for today.

I totally agree!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Social

Hi Lovelies!!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom in Heaven!! I love you so much and I miss you everyday!!

This Weeks Questions:

1. What was your favorite TGIF show?

Full House

2. What was your favorite Saturday morning TV show?

Saved by the bell

3. Mickey Mouse Club or Kids Incorporated.?

Kids Incorporated

4. Zack Morris or AC Slater?

Zack, duh!!

5. Which show would you love to see remade? (For example, Boy Meets World is back as Girl Meets World)

I would rather watch the originals on Netflix. 


Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hi Lovelies!

I just wanted to wish all of the moms and moms to be a Happy Mother's Day out there in blogland. 

I'll be back later today with my Sunday Social post!! Have a great day!!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Letters

Hi Lovelies!!

One of these days I'm going to start posting every day again! I promise. As always, life just gets busy. Anyway, I wanted to share some Friday letters with you tonight. 

Dear Friday,

I'm so happy you're finally here!!! 

Dear Angelina,

We signed you up for Pre-K on Wednesday and you're very excited to started big kid school. We love you so much and we are very proud of you!!

Dear Hubby,

I love you so much and and I know I drive you crazy sometimes. 

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry for neglecting you  and I hope to keep to a posting schedule from now on. Fingers crossed!!

Dear Sweet Pea Designs Too,

I will be adding some new and fun listings to you this weekend. I can't wait to share some new goodies with everyone. 

Have a nice evening Lovelies! I'll see ya soon!!!!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Morning Lovelies!

I hope your Monday is off to a good start. After taking care of the Little a couple of weeks ago and with me being sick last week, I'm finally caught up in my class. So that means I will be starting our Spring cleaning tomorrow. I think I will start in the Kitchen and give a good cleaning. We'll see how it goes. 

Anyway, on to our Happy Homemaker Monday :)

As I look outside my window::

Two words: sunny and H-O-T (99 degrees)!!!!!

Right now I am::

Listening to the Little's Disney shows. I'm sitting at the table and writing this post.

Thinking and pondering::

I have been re-evaluating the program of study that I am currently in and I'm just not happy with it. I am almost done with the program, but I'm just not happy and my grades are beginning to suffer because of it. I'm not sure what to do right now. I am at a loss.

I'm still trying to sort this out. Hopefully I will figure it very soon.

On my bedside table:

Instead of a bedside table, I do have a few books on my bookshelf that I am currently reading.

On my TV tonight::

Monday: ????
Tuesday: The Little Couple
Wednesday: American Idol
Thursday: American Idol results show
Friday: Ancient Aliens (with the Mister)
Saturday: Date night movie with the Mister
Sunday: Total Divas and Eric and Jessie

Listening to:

The TV

On the menu this week::

Still working on the menu for this week

Monday: chicken and cheese quesadillas, chips and salsa
Tuesday: Beef Stew
Wednesday: Leftovers from Tuesday
Thursday: Baked potatoes
Friday: Chicken spaghetti
Saturday: Crock pot roast, potatoes and carrots
Sunday: Burritos and frito pies

On my To Do List::

Make hair appointments

Happening this week:

Monday: Laundry
Tuesday: Laundry and Vacuuming the entire house
Wednesday: Laundry
Thursday: Living room clean up
Friday:  Laundry Kitchen clean up
Saturday: Date/movie night
Sunday: Family time

What I am creating:

More planner accessories for my planner and for my new etsy shop: Sweet Pea Designs Too.

Here's the link to the shop:

Please like and share Sweet Pea Designs Too facebook page!!! 

My simple pleasure:

Spending time with my family

Looking around the house:

The kitchen needs to be cleaned and the living room and dining room need to be cleaned as well.

Prayer list:

Friends and family.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Social

Hi Lovelies!!!

Happy Sunday and May the Fourth Be With You!!! ( I couldn't help it! I live with a semi Star Wars fanatic). It's been a while since I participated in Sunday Social due to all of the work I had to do for my previous class. Now that the class is over and my next is a bit easier I should have more time ot blog.

So, let's get into it! Grab a cup of coffee, grab the button and the questions, and link up. Have fun!!!

Next Weeks Questions:

1. Who do you call when you need to vent?

I usually call a dear friend that I went to high school with or I just sometimes vent to my mom group on facebook.

2. Where do you go when you need alone time?

Usually go for a walk.
3. What is your favorite alone time activity?

4. What is something we should all stop and read right now?
I haven't read anything profound in a long time. I have been reading mostly mystery novels lately.
5. Who do you wish would read your blog that doesn’t already? Family? Celeb?

This is a really good question and I just really have no idea who I want to read my blog.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Laundry Routine

Hi Lovelies! 

I have no explanation for my absence from the blog other than life just gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about my laundry routine. Grab some coffee, relax, and enjoy!

Laundry is my nemesis. I battle against it every single day and most times it a losing battle. It just keeps coming back and never ends. Never. Never. Never. 

There are several different ways for managing laundry and believe me I have tried all of them. It has taken me years to finally figure out a system that works for my family. 

I try to wash one load a day. Usually this means that I have a mixed load which usually works out great. Now sometimes this works great and other times it doesn't work so well at all. I mean that I wash my one load a day, but the load just sits in the basket for days at a time. And while it's sitting there, usually 6 loads are piled on top of the first one which then equals me having to rummage through the clothes whenever we need something to wear. Then when this routine gets old, I then find the time to fold all of the clothes which usually takes me up to 2 hours to complete. 

As you can see, I am working on the folding part of the laundry routine. We will get there with time. 

Another key to my laundry routine is that I try to the process the night before by gathering all of the clothes at night and then putting them in the washer. This way I get a jump start on my morning routine. 

Like I said, this is still a work in progress and I plan on having this routine down as soon as possible.

Have a great Saturday Lovelies!!