Wednesday, May 20, 2015

12 Facts You Didn't Know about Gilmore Girls

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Since Mother's Day has come and gone, I thought it was a good time to look back on one of the greatest mother/daughter duos with some facts that you might not know about the Gilmore Girls. 

1. Jess Marino was meant to get a spinoff.

The episode "Here comes the Sun" was actuallly meant to be a spin-off of Gilmore Girls. However, the production was quite costly so they decided to drop the project,
2. Keiko Agena was actually 27 when the show premiered.

That doesn't sound that impressive until you realize that she is playing Rory's best friend, and therefore is meant to be 16-years-old here.

3. Luke's backwards baseball cap wasn't just for the show.

Scott Patterson, who played the character, was actually in the minor leagues and so wore the cap as a reminder and ode to his past profession.

4. Luke and Lorelai's romance was not scripted.

In fact, Luke was originally scripted as a woman! Which would have been slightly interesting... Scott wasn't originally a series regular, but his chemistry with Lauren Graham was intriguing to the showrunners, and they kept the "Will they or won't they?" going for a few years before pairing the two.

5. Gilmore Girls was Alexis Bledel's first big role.

While Lauren keeping her arm around Rory's shoulders came across as sweet and motherly, it was actually so that she could help Alexis hit her marks.

6. Jon Hamm guest starred.

Before becoming a mad man in the world of marketing and advertising, Jon Hamm showed a brief interest in Lorelai Gilmore.

7. Alexis hates coffee.

One of the biggest staples of the show is that Lorelai and Rory are both major coffee addicts, but Alexis actually can't stand it. In the scenes where she has to drink it, she is actually drinking Coke.

8. Paris was almost Rory.

Liza Weil originally auditioned for the role of Rory, which she didn't get. However the producers liked her so much that they wrote the role of Paris Geller specifically for her, and she nailed it.

9. The scripts were actually long.

Most hour-long episodes max out at 60 pages, but the Gilmore girls spoke so fast that the scripts were usually close to 70-80 pages long.

10. Stars Hollow was a real place.

it's actually based on the towns Essex, Wallingford and Washington, Connecticut.

11. Alex Borsten was orginally meant to play Sookie.

 Scheduling conflicts kept her from being able to play her, though, she did make a few guest appearances as the irate harp player, Drella. The role went to Melissa McCarthy, and Sookie's love interest, Jackson, was played by Alex's real life husband.

12. There is a chance for a movie. 

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show's creator and main producer, actually left the show before its 7th and final season. While we can't be sure how she would have ended her beloved show, and that season leaving us with mixed feelings, we can only hope that someday she will give her girls the ending that she intended. She mentioned wanting to do a movie to Entertainment Weekly, and we should all keep our fingers crossed that it will actually happen someday.

So, give your Mom a hug and sit down and enjoy the show now that it's on Neflix!! 


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