Monday, December 14, 2015

Cadence- 4 Months

Hi Lovelies,

Cadence is 4 months old!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying with her. She is such a joy and she makes us smile every day. Right now, I am cherishing these moments for as long as I can and I am soaking up all of the baby snuggles. Also, I am enjoying seeing how Angelina interacts with Cadence. She is very protective of her and just loves her to pieces. 

Anyway, here are Cadence's monthly stats:

Weight:  Right now she is 14 pounds 6 oz (at her last doctor's appointment). Her four month checkup will be in a couple of weeks since she is sick right now.

Height:We will find this out when goes in for her next well check appointment which will be some time in the next week or two.

Eating: She is exclusively formula fed and right now she is taking 6 ounces every 4-5 hours and I have been giving her some rice cereal but I don't think she likes it right now.

Sleeping: She is taking a nap after every feeding (most of the time) and she has been sleeping through the night.

Clothing size: She is 3-6 month clothing and sometimes she wears 6-9 months clothes. It just depends on the brand

Likes:  She loves to lay in the floor and loves to kick her legs!! She loves her daddy and sister!

Dislikes: She hates having a wet diaper.

Playing: Right now she isn't playing, but that will change in the next few months. We can't wait to see how she plays with Angelina.

Milestones: She has been working on rolling over from her back to her belly for the last couple of weeks and today she finally did it!! She has even rolled from her belly to her back. Now she is trying to crawl, so my prediction is that she will be crawling by the time she is 5 months. 

Well, there are her monthly stats!! I am not sure if I will be sharing pictures of Cadence just yet. I have to discuss this with the Hubster. It's completely up to him if I do. 

Good night my Lovelies!!!


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