After I'm 40 List

1. Learn to play chess
2. Learn to play poker
3. Play an entire game of Monopoly
4. Play video games with my husband
5. Complete my Master's Degree in Psychology (In progress)
6. Become a mom of 2 (August 2015)

7. Cook with a Food Network Chef by following along during the program (completed)
8. Learn how to decorate a cake
9. Meet someone famous (completed, Troy Aikman)
10. Watch a spaghetti western with my husband
11. Lose 10 pounds ( I have lost 13 pounds so far, completed)
12. Become a jogger
13. Start my own business (In progress)
14. Learn how to swim
15. Read at least one classic novel
16. Start a blog (completed)
17. Become a SAHM (completed)
18. Update my food blog
19. Post at least once a day until my birthday
20. Try one new recipe a week.

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  1. What a neat idea to post your bucket list! Love this!