Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Goals

Hi Lovelies!

I cannot believe that August is already here! Things have been pretty quiet around here. We have been spending our days outside playing in the sprinkler or playing at the park. The weather has been pleasant with some rain thrown in here and there. 

I don't remember if I set any goals for July, so I thought I would set some for August/ 

Here are my goals for August:


Walk 70,000 step every week and track it in my planner.

Drink 8 glasses of water every day

Get into a strength training routine

Aim to lose 1 pound per week

Track food in myfitnesspal every day


Revamp my cleaning routine, make inserts for my life planner

Revamp our daily plan and implement it

Spend quality time with the Mister at least three night a week (playing his Xbix games with him)


List at least one item every day

Create downloadable PDF Files

Catalog all items in store


Post 5 times per week

Schedule blog posts

Use blog planner more

Increase followers (at 20 this month)

So, there are my goals for August. What are your goals?


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