Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Homemake Monday

Good morning Lovelies!!! 

Happy Monday and how was your weekend? Our weekend was very relaxing. We spent most of our time outside enjoying the nice weather while it lasts. We don't have anything exciting planned unless you consider grocery shopping exciting, LOL!!!!! Well, anyway, lets get to Happy Homemaker Monday.

The weather outside is:

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful!! I wish it would stick around for a while.

On the breakfast plate this morning:

Cereal and fruit this morning

As I look outside my window:

It's sunny and quiet outside.

Right now I am:

I'm sitting in the living room, watching the Disney channel with the Little and working in this post.

As I look around the house:

My house needs some serious TLC. The bedrooms and bathrooms need to be cleaned and I have tons of laundry to do as well.

On today's To Do List:

Laundry.... I still have two loads to wash and dry, and three more to fold and put away.
Cleaning.... in the kitchen, wash the dishes, clean the counters and stove, take out the trash. In the living room... pick up book and toys, vacuum. In the bedrooms.... pick up each room and vacuum. In the bathrooms... take out trash, wipe down counters and toilets.

Currently reading: 

I have been reading some books on my PC kindle app.

On the TV today:

I'm  still binge watching Friends on Netflix.

On the menu this week:

Monday: Breakfast for dinner
Tuesday: Beef stew with homemade bread
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner (Biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, toast)
Thursday: Spaghetti and garlic bread
Friday: Chicken pot pie
Saturday:Pizza and breadsticks
Sunday: Beans and cornbread

What I am creating at the moment:

Stickers for my Etsy shop.

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week:

Nothing a the moment. I need to start pinning some new recipes this week.

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes, or Devotions:

For some reason I cannot add an image here. I'll try to add it in later.

Have a lovely Monday Lovelies!!!


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