Sunday, April 24, 2016

Currently 4/24/2016

Eating...nothing at the moment. Just drinking some water. 

Watching... Serendipity on Netflix (I love this movie and John Cusack!)

Reading... Right now I am reading My Sister's Keeper for the 3rd time. life, my husband, and my little girls.

Working...on planner inserts and grab bags for my etsy shop. I hope to release these sometime next week. I'm also working on a meal planner as well and I am designing some sticker "flakes" for my daughter's planner.

Listening...the TV, I'm Serendipity at the moment.

Buying...nothing at the moment.

Planning...still planning my daughter's fundraiser (we had to reschedule this for a later date) and working on re-organizing my etsy shop.

Wondering...actually nothing at the moment

Feeling...Loved, tired, and happy.

Happy Saturday!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.



P.S.  I just realized that I lasted posted on April 11th. I'm sorry about that and I hope to have a more regular blogging schedule soon. You see, I have been taking care of two sick girls for the last few weeks. The oldest has been healthy for the last week (we hope to keep it that way) and now the baby has been sick. 

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