Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Letters

Hi Lovelies!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday. I am back for another edition of Friday Letters. It's been awhile since I have shared one of these blog I hope you enjoy!!!

Dear God, thank for watching and protecting Cadence this afternoon. I know it can happen to anyone and I am thankful that she is okay.

Dear Paul, please forgive me. It could have happened to you too. There is no reason to stay mad at me for this. If it had happened while you were watching I wouldn't be mad at you at all.

Dear Self, I promise to start paying attention to you and to take better care of you.

Dear Angelina, I am so happy that you enjoyed your playdate with Kojii and feeding the ducks and geese with her.

Dear diet and exercise, I will get back on track with you. I just need to make time in my day to concentrate on you.

Dear planner, we will catch up soon! We have a date tomorrow!

Dear house, I will clean and re-organize you tomorrow!

Dear Blog readers and friends, Thank you reading!!!

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