Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Confessions

Hi Lovelies! 

Well, Monday is almost over and I have a few confessions to make.

1) I HATE Mondays, doesn't everyone? I wish the weekend lasted longer!

2) I did something really stupid this weekend that landed me in the ER. It started Saturday after I mowed the back yard. Apparently I did not drink enough water and I did not rest. As soon as I came in I started supper and cleaned the kitchen. Then I put the Little bed and started on some homework. Right before I went to bed I started to feel dizzy. I thought sleeping would make me feel better, but I was very wrong. I woke up and felt dizzy, I was light headed and would break out into a cold sweat every few minutes. I then started feeling nauseous and told the Husband to take me to the ER. Once I got there I told nurses and doctors what was going on. My blood sugar was testes and it was normal, then I was given an EKG which was normal too. So, after 3 hours of sitting and waiting, I was finally told that I was mildly dehydrated. So, yeah, water is very important and I need to drink more water. 
Lesson learned the hard way. 

3) I am excited for the Little's first dance recital next weekend.

4) I am way behind on the laundry, as always.

5)  My house is a mess and really needs some TLC.

Well, that's all I have for tonight! What are your confessions?


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