Monday, June 22, 2015

Baby Girl- Weeks 29-31

Hi Lovelies!

It's been a while since I have updated everyone on Baby Girl (she still needs a name). We have had a scary week couple of days at the end of week 30, but she is doing great!

Anyway, at the end of week 30 I had a bit of a scare that started out with bleeding. I will be honest, it scared me enough to make a trip to Labor and delivery. It all started with me just walking around the house and then suddenly feeling a gush.  I went to the bathroom to check and noticed that I was bleeding. Needless to say, the Hubby drove me to Labor and Delivery. Once I got there, I was hooked up to the monitor and we found out that I was contracting (which I did not know that I was). I was hooked up to IVs with fluids and magnesium (to stop the contractions). The on-call OB was called in and I was given a swab test to see if my water had broken. The test came back positive, however it was due to the bleeding. So, since it could not be determined that my water broke, I was transferred to OU Medical Center. Let me just say that the ambulance ride, which was my first, was an experience.

As soon as I arrived to the hospital I was put into a room and was hooked up the monitors right away. I won't bore with all of the gory details of the exams that I was given, so I will say that at 3am on Monday morning it was finally determined that my water did not break and that the bleeding was caused by the stalk of the polyp that I had removed back in May. Baby Girl did great through all of the exams and ultrasounds that I was given. She was moving all over the place and she even had the hiccups.

So that was week 30 in a nutshell! So, because this happened, I am on modified bed rest, I have weekly appointments and ultrasounds. I also have swabs tests that will be done every two weeks plus more blood work. 

Our goal right now is to make sure that Baby Girl stays in as long as she can. 

Have a great evening!!


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