Thursday, December 22, 2016

Favorite Christmas movies Part Deux

Christmas is in full swing at our house! Decor is up (Christmas and tree and stockings), Christmas music playing (when the husband and big kid will let me), my favorite candle is burning (who doesn't love vanilla?), and thanks to my hot chocolate corner in the kitchen, we are knocking it out of the park in the calorie category of the season as well! Another thing that goes hand in hand at our house is movie nights filled with our favorite Christmas movies. And sometimes movie afternoons and even some movies mornings.

Let's dive into the list!!!

What Christmas without the classics? I love these movies and I watch them every year!  Some cartoons just never get old. I am not ashamed to admit that I watch these movies with or with out my kids.

My daughter loves these two movies! I think we watch both of them two or three time a week starting on Thanksgiving until New Years.

The Hubby and I love these three movies! Our Christmas isn't complete until we have watched these cuddled on the couch under a nice warm blanket and drinking hot chocolate. It't the ultimate winter date night in my opinion.

There's nothing like a fun Christmas movie to put you in the mood for the holidays!

Do you and your family have a favorite Christmas movie that did not make onto my list?

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