Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How I Plan My Week

Hi Lovelies!!

I thought I would share how I plan out my weeks in my planner. This takes about 30 to 60 minutes on Sundays and then about 10 minutes each night.


1. weather (Mondays-Wednesdays)
2. transfer sidebar tasks (To Do, To Go, To Buy, etc.)
3. Newspaper work (To Do, ads, emails)
4. events/set time committments (kids schools, events, appointments)
5. meals ( I use a meal planner that I created to plan our meals and grocery lists. I then transfer them to the bottom boxes in my planner).
6. Build Monday out with tasks and errands

Mondays and Tuesdays:

1. inventory what was done, check boxes
2. plan out next day


1. same as Monday and Tuesday
2. weather (Tuesday-Sunday


1. same as Monday and Tuesday

How do you plan your week?

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