Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Goals for 2016

Hi Lovelies!!

I cannot believe that it's January already! Where did the last year go?! I'll be honest I looked back at the goals that I had posted during 2015 and realized that I accomplished very few of them. In my defense last year was crazy and busy. I was pregnant for most of 2015, I had some complications beginning in June that resulted in my OB putting me on modified bed rest, then in July my husband broke his elbow and had to have surgery two weeks before my scheduled c-section. I have been in survival mode for a very long time and I'm ready to brush off the dust and get to setting goals for my life and businesses, and genuinely working towards those goals.

There are improvements that need to be done, so here are the goals that I am setting for this year.


Speak Paul's "love language" and make an effort to connect with him daily.

Get dressed everyday and take care of ME. I cannot take of care of everyone else if I am not taking care of me.

Weekly trips to the library for the girls and read more books together.

One on one time with the girls daily.

Routine. Establish a morning and evening routine and a daily routine for regular maintenance things for my business plus a daily routine for the girls.


Better budgeting

Pay off smaller debts


Post 5 times per week

Average 500 page views per month

Track blog stats every week

Post original content


Increase income by 15%

Release new items weekly

Promote on Facebook pages


Email 3 ladies every week

Send out/ hand out samples

Book one party per month

Social Media

50 likes on Facebook

50 followers on Instagram

100 Twitter followers

100 Pinterest followers

Weight Loss

Lose 40lbs (goal weight: 140lbs)

Walk/workout 3 to 5 times per week

Drink 70+ ounces of water

Work on strength training

Eat sensibly, no restrictions, watch portions

And that's that Lovelies!!!  Those are the main things that I am focusing on this year. What goals have you set for 2016?

Have a great day!



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