Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Self Care Tips for Stay Home Moms

I'm ashamed to admit, but I have been running on empty and nerves are beginning to show it. Stress is rising and I need some relief. I sometimes have a short fuse with my husband and an even shorter fuse with my kids.

I am ashamed of myself for even thinking like this. I often apologize for this, but I realize that the damage is already done. I mess up to, friends.

We are in this together and I need grace just like you, so I am sharing my tips and tricks on how  to implement some simple ways to keep yourself nourished  so that you can be the mom your kids need and even the wife your husband deserves.

Self Care Tips for Stay at Home Moms 

1. Get outside. 

Try to make it a habit to get outside at least once a day either alone or with your kids.

2. Exercise.

Pick your favorite. You can do yoga, stretching or walking. The point is to get your body moving as much as you. 

3. Take a bath.

Just soaking in the is relaxing. It releases the tension in the neck and shoulders. Light some candles, listen to some relaxing music or read a book. 

4. Take a nap.

This is a great idea that I just recently implemented. Even resting for 15 minutes can make a difference in my perception of the day and how much energy I have until bedtime. 

5. Read for pleasure.

A good story is so refreshing. I love reading, especially mystery and suspense novels. I love when I can pick up a book and lose myself in the story.

What would you add to this list? 

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