Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Evening Routine

Disclaimer:  I know it my sound strange to start off talking about the evening routine first, but I think that your evening routine sets the pace for the morning routine. 

Today I'm sharing what I do on a typical day from the time my oldest comes home from school until the time my husband and I go to bed. This is easily my most favorite time of the day because it means I get to spend it with the ones I love the most!

4:00pm- prep/make dinner, homework

Sometime around 4pm I start to prep for dinner while my oldest begins working on her homework. During this time my youngest is usually sitting on the kitchen floor playing with some of her toys while I get dinner prepped and started. Meanwhile the husband is having his "me time".

5:00pm- eat, clean kitchen, sweep/mop floor, take out trash

Around 5pm we sit down to dinner. This is where we catch up on our day and talk about our weekend plans. After dinner, I will wash the dishes, put any leftover food in the fridge. Then I will clean and disinfect the counters and the stove, and sweep and mop the kitchen. Last, I will take out the trash.

6:00pm- baths (Angelina and Cadence), wind down from the day, TV/PC time. Check backpack, check homework, layout clothes for the next day

Around 6pm, I will give Cadence her bath and then I will have Angelina take a shower and put her pjs on. Then I will let the kids play together and Paul and I will watch some TV or just try to sit and talk. During this time, I will also check Angelina's backpack and her homework and layout her clothes for the next day.

7:00pm- bedtime routine (Cadence, bottle/stories/cuddle)

8:00pm- bedtime routine (Angelina, stories, write in journal, cuddle)

9:00pm- declutter living room and dining room, prep Angelina's lunch (if she is taking it).

9:30pm- 12:30am- blog work, computer work, relax

Wow, when you list everything out, my evening looks really busy!!!

What does your evening routine look like?

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