Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday- 2/20/2017

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Happy Homemaker Monday!

This weekend literally flew by..... we went to see the Lego Batman movie and we even to a birthday party at the park, and then on Sunday, we spent the day together and just relaxed.

That being said, let's get on with our Happy Homemaker post!

The weather:: 

Oklahoma is had some tempermental weather lately. One day it's in the 90s and then the next day it's in the 40s and raining. This week we are looking at it being in the 70s so it should be very nice.

On my reading pile:: 

I need to find a new book to read. Does anyone have any suggestions?

On my TV: 

Watching Gilmore Girls, again.... I think I need some new show to watch. Again... any suggestions?

On the menu this week::

Monday- Pizza (it was Girl Scout night)
Tuesday- Taco Tuesday
Wednesday- Beans, fried potatoes
Thursday- Breakfast for dinner
Friday- Chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots
Saturday- Crock pot Lasagna
Sunday- Beans, fried potatoes

On my to do list:: 

Clean bathrooms
Plan this week and next week
Organize the laundry room
Set deadlines for the second issue of our newspaper

What I am creating::

Nothing at the moment, but I should be working on some planner inserts and my cookbook.

Looking around the house::

The living room needs to be picked up and the kitchen needs to be cleaned as well.

From the camera::

A new project that I am working on

What I'm wearing today::

My pjs since it's about time for bed. 

One of my simple pleasures::

Spending time with my husband and girls.

Bible verse, devotional, or prayer::

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