Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Load a Day: Why I Have a Laundry Routine

There are things that I've been doing every single morning, seven days a week: make myself a glass of lemon water, pour the girls their  milk, and start a load of laundry.

A couple of months ago a read an article written by a mom a loathed laundry day (much like I do), which was the one day a week where she set aside several hours to do 4 or 5 loads of laundry that had piled up throughout the week. According to the article, she set out to semi-eliminate the cumbersome chore and decided to do one complete load every day so that she didn't have one specific day each week that she was bogged down by laundry. Her article detailed what a positive impact this simple switch made on her routines as well as her attitude. Since laundry is my least favorite chore ( I mean I would rather clean the bathroom then do the laundry) I decided to give her "one load a day" practice a whirl.

I swear by this laundry routine. By following this routine it has helped to keep Mt. Washmore under control.

Here's how the routine looks for me:

1. First thing in the morning I gather up all the laundry. The basket in our bedroom is where all of the dirty clothes go (mine, my husbands, and the girl's clothes).

2. I separate the clothes two ways: whites and colors. If the load is small I just mix them together.

3. I throw the whites in to the washer and start the load. When that load is finished, I wash the colors.

4. A load usually runs for about 40 minutes, as soon as it's done I put it in the dryer and throw the next load in the washer.

5. When the first load is dry, I immediately fold it and put it way. This keeps the clean laundry from piling up throughout the week.

As far as laundry products go, the only one I use is All Free and Clear. I swear by this laundry detergent. I wanted something that didn't have a harsh smell to it and it is gentle and pure but tough enough to handle any stains that my husband and kids my get on their clothes.

What is your laundry routine? One load a day or once a week? Please share in the comments below!

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