Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another confesh sesh

I miss naptime. I mean I really miss naptime. There have been times that Angelina does nap but only for 30 minutes and on the days that she doesn't nap she has quiet time. During quiet time we either read together or watch a movie. While she is watching her movie I usually get on the laptop and have my "quiet time". I need it for my sanity.

I hate when people use too many hashtags on facebook and twitter. Absolutely drives me nuts.

I'm addicted to Pretty Wicked Moms on Lifetime. Has anyone seen this reality show? Two of them moms are just too much!

I use a ton of paper plates. I would rather use paper plates than have to wash a sink full of dishes. 

People who write in text message confuse me. Just say what you mean, I really don't want to have to figure what you are saying. 

I really wish we had a dishwasher. I wash our dishes 3 times a day every day and I'm so over it. Hence the paper plate usage. 

So, there you have it, my confessions. What are you confessing to!




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