Thursday, June 6, 2013

Confess Sessh

Hi Lovelies! 

Since I haven't blogged in a couple of days due to playing catch up in my class, I thought I would give my lovely readers a confession post. Enjoy!!!

I confess that I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I love the show and I just can't help myself.

I confess that I'm still afraid of the closet monster, which means the closets doors in the bedrooms have to be closed or I can't sleep.

I confess that I'm an 80s girl and I'm proud of it.

I confess that one of my pet peeve's is rude people. It doesn't take that much to hold open a door for someone does it? And to say thank you.

I confess that I automatic flushing toliets used to freak me out. Now, it just irks me when there aren't any automatic flushing toilets in the restrooms.

I confess that I love peanut butter and chocolate and I want to try the chocolate peanut butter by Jif. I looks yummy!!!

I confess that I have yet to watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette shows. They just don't appeal to me at all.

So, what are you confessing today?

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