Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Name Game

Names are a tricky thing. Most new parents fiercely guard their baby's name until he or she is born. My husband and I did this with our daughter's name. We had foolishly told some friends and family that name we had originally chosen for her, Mercedes Taylor or Ruby Diane, but our friends and family told us that they did not like the names we had chosen for our baby girl. We had chosen Ruby Diane, because she would have been named after her great grandmother and her grandmother. Mercedes Taylor was name that both of us liked. Taylor is my husband's middle name. It wasn't until the 20 week ultrasound that we finally decided on a name. When we saw her profile, Paul mentioned that she had my mouth and then said "we could name her after you- Angelina". She also has Paul's middle name which is Taylor. So, she is actually named after both of us. Pretty cool story, huh? If you like this one, I think you'll like the story of how my parents came up with my name.

When  I was born, my dad wanted to name me "Winifred Josephine" (after his mom) and my mom wanted to name me "Rosa Lena" (after her mom). Neither one liked the names, so my dad suggested that they combine the two first names and make that my middle name, Rosa Winifred. I'm not sure where my first name came from, I think one on my aunts suggested it. My mom told my dad that if he could fit the entire name on the little line on the birth certificate then that would be my name. Well, he was able to even though it was written in tiny writing. So, yeah, I'm a girl who has two middle names. 

How did you get your name?

Have a great evening!!


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