Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 Years From Now

5 years for now.......

I hope to have our family complete. At least within the five year time frame. We want Angelina to have a baby brother or a baby sister. I just hope it happens in the next year or two.

I hope to have more debt paid off. By this I mean our student loan debt, I hope we can make slight dent in it.

I hope to be a better mother. There is always room for improvement. My daughter will be 8 years old. I cannot believe that I will be a mother of an 8 year old! I hope to grow from my experiences as a mother and I hope to make some amazing memories with my daughter.

I hope to be a better wife. Let's face it there is always room to improve in this department. 

I hope I will embrace the age of....drumroll please....... 45. I hope my 40s are as great as by 30s were. I hope to continue to treat my body as it should be treated, so that I can be around to see my grandkids. 


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