Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Lovelies! 

I am so excited for the weekend and I'm pretty all of you are too! Am I right? I know today's post is very late and I'm so very sorry for that. I do have a great excuse thought, I was being a good housewife and cleaned the house and I was being a good mom and playing with my little girl. 

Anyways, back the original post, Thankful Thursday. I am thankful for so many things! Here are just a few of the important ones:

I am thankful for:

My awesomely wonderful husband
My beautiful little girl
The Lord
Life because it's so precious
The weekend (farmer's market baby!!)
Quiet time (I savor this)

There's plenty of things to be thankful for Lovelies! 

What are your thankful for?


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