Friday, May 31, 2013

Stars on the ceiling

Hi Lovelies! 

I'm sorry I haven't posted since May 27th because we had to take Angelina to the ER and she was immediately admitted to the hospital due to fever and dehydration.

Here's what happened--- On Saturday (5/25), Angelina started running a fever. It wasn't too high, but I gave her some Motrin just in case it went up during the day. The next morning (5/26, Sunday), she woke up in her usual happy mood, played most of the day, still had a slight fever (alternated Tylenol and Motrin) and then that afternoon she said that her throat hurt, so we decided to take her to the ER since Monday was a holiday and her pedi's office was closed. We go the ER, checked in and 1 hour later we were seen. She still didn't have much of a fever, her throat was red, her ears were normal, so the ER doc gave her an antibiotic (no strep check) and we were sent home. She was eating and drinking just fine all day Sunday.

Then Monday gets here, and things just started getting worse. Her temp went up, she started fighting the tylenol and Motrin, and she refused to eat or drink. After her nap, her temp was up, she still refused Tylenol and Motrin, and she wouldn't eat or drink, it was then I realized that she had only had one wet pull up all day and that was at 5am that morning. I called the nurse's hotline, explained everything to the nurse and she said to take her back to the ER. We did, and when we got there, thank God we were the only ones there, because we were seen right away. When they checked her temp (it was 104) they took us back to one of the rooms, the ER doc started her on IV fluids right away. It was hard to see my sweet baby girl laying on a table with three nurses working on her, putting her IV in. It broke my heart and I cried the entire time. She was a champ and did not move once while the  nurses were working on her. After the IV was in for a while, they then decided to do a cathedure on her to check for a UTI and found out just how dry she was because they could get anything out. After three tries, Paul stopped them. After this we were told that she was going to be admitted into the hospital for fluids.

When we got the her room she noticed the stars on the ceiling and instantly wanted some for her room. She loved those stars and anytime someone would come into her room she would point to the stars and get excited. It was so cute!!

obviously this isn't the room, but you get the idea

Once she was admitted they wanted to do blood work on her, so they got everything ready and then we tried to put her on a board that would her arm straight, she fought and fought (even though she was sick, she was still strong as an ox) and I told the lab nurses to stop and that we would do it the next morning. Which we did and I cried the entire time.

To make a long story short, she was in the hospital for give or take 3 days (it felt like a week), ran a fever off and on for two of those 2 days, charmed all of the nurses, we walked a million miles up and down the hallway because she thought that if she was in the hallway she was going to get better and the nurses couldn't get her. 

She loved this little car that the nurses gave her to ride in. She loved it so much that whenever she saw anyone in the hallway she made sure that they noticed her, either by turning on the radio or honking the horn. 

I was grateful for the nurse who gave us this car, she absolutely loved it.

We also lost power for about half and hour and Paul was sick to (the same thing that Angelina had ). And now, we are home.

We are so happy to be home!

I wanted to say Thank you for my followers for reading while I was away. I hope to be back to my regular blogging schedule this weekend.

Have a lovely night!!!


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