Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Social

 Hi Lovelies!

 Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies out there! It's Sunday Social time, so grab the button and link up with Neely.

1. 1 year ago I was doing ….

I was starting a new program for my Master's degree, enjoying my second year as a mom and enjoying life in our new house. 
2. 5 years ago I was saying....

goodbye to a Mom that I loved very much but didn't really know (because of my Dad) I wrote about this here

3. 10 years ago I….

 Had been with my husband (boyfriend at the time) for 10 years and we attending grad school together and just enjoying being together.

4. 1 year from now I'll be…

working on our business, a dessert shop, Taste of Heaven Desserts and having another baby

5. 5 years ago ill be doing….

growing our business, enjoying life together.

6. 10 years from now ill be doing…

I cannot think that far ahead. LOL!!!!



  1. wow! You've been knowing your husband a long time. Lol. I love your blog!

  2. Hi Candice! We went to school together (grade school through high school) and he was my high school crush.

  3. Hi angie.
    Would you like to follow each others blog?
    Let me know if you do.

    Have a nice day! Xoxo

  4. Happy Mothers day!
    Good luck on your dessert business!
    Just found your blog!
    Now following! Looking forward to keeping up!