Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hi Lovelies! 

 First of all, Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their extra long weekend. I have been in the kitchen trying some new recipes this weekend. Both of them were big hits with Husby and the Little. I think the favorite was chicken cheesesteak sandwiches. So yummy and so easy to make. I'll post the recipe and a pic on Tuesday. So, be on the look out!

Anyways, I'm linking up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday! So, grab your morning coffee and link up!

The's another hot week here! I cannot wait for Fall to show up. I'm so ready for jeans, sweaters, cardigans, boots, and hot chocolate.

Right now I am........writing this post, listening to Husby play a game on the Xbox, and watching a movie on Netflix

Thinking.......that I should be working on my paper and other assignments.

On my reading pile........right now I'm just reading my textbook.

On my TV.......still watching House of Cards. It's getting good. I hope to start Orange is the New Black later. 

What I found while surfing the net.......nothing interesting at the moment.

On the menu this week.......haven't made the menu for this week yet, but I plan on making smothered steak for tomorrow.

On my to do list.......still need to make eye appointments for Husby and I , work on homework assignments for class, general household chore,s and of course the never ending laundry.

In the craft basket......a blanket that my mother in law is buying from me for her preacher's wife and their new baby.

Looking forward to this week.......just spending time with my little family.

Looking around the house is actually clean!!!!All that is left to do is to fold and put away the laundry

From the camera.......


 "And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength." Mark 12:30, (NLT)


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