Saturday, April 20, 2013

15 Interesting Facts About Me

Interesting facts:

1. I'm 4'10"

2. My husband is a foot taller than me

3. I love 80s hair band music

4. Ralph Macchio (the original Karate Kid) was my first celebrity crush

5. I cannot sleep with the closet doors open

6. I know the words to every song on the Grease soundtrack

7. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies

8, I get excited over the littlest things

9. I love the smell of fresh cut grass

10. I just discovered that I am crafty

11. I rub my feet together before I fall asleep

12. I dream of owning my own dessert shop

13. That dream is about to come true

14. I love to bake

15. Purple is my favorite color


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