Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I Grow Up.....

 Hi Lovelies!

I found this cute link up on a new blog that I just discovered today, I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. Like I said I just discovered Whitney's blog and I'm loving it! So I thought I would link up with her today for When I Grow up.

When I Grow Up....I want a "woman cave" that looks like this:

When I grow up.....I want a car that looks like this:

When I grow up..... I want this closet:

When I Grow Up.....I want to get lost in this house:

When I Grow Up....I will own a pair of these shoes:

When I Grow Up.... I will have amazing friends like this group:

This dream life would be awesome to have, but tuthfully, I have an amazing life. I have a wonderful husband and the most awesome little girl. I could not ask for anything more. I thank God everyday for the life that I have.

P.S. Thanks to this link up, I know have this song stuck in my head!!! LOL!!!


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