Monday, April 22, 2013

Life is Good!

The last few weeks have been rough on us. I posted about the knot on my husband's here. He had several tests run on his thyroid last month and everything came back normal. The good news was that his thyroid was functioning normally. The bad new was that we still did not know what was causing the knot on his neck. So, last week he went to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor who took a series of biopsies from his neck. At this time we were both worried that he has some type of cancer. The tests were performed on Wednesday, but Sunday we had the results-- there was no cancer!!! We were elated, we were praising God. 

Fast forward to this past Wednesday....he went back to the same doctor for a scope on his throat. At this appointment, he was told that the knot on his throat is actually part of his thyroid, that was dead and the other half is compensating for it. This is was is causing the swelling in his neck. He was told that he had severe acid reflux, because his throat and vocal cords were burned. So, he was told to take prevacid and to change his diet to a low carb diet. 

To make a long story short, he doesn't have cancer and in a few weeks he will go back to the doctor to check the acid reflux, and then he and his doctor will discuss removing the swollen part of his thyroid. 

Life is good!!!


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