Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Two Days that Changed My Life

August 5, 2009

This is a day that Paul and I will always remember, because this is the day that we found out we were going to be parents. I woke up that morning and decided to take a pregnancy test only because I hasn't been feeling well since the weekend. So I woke up at 6AM and decided to take the test. I followed the instructions that were in the box and as I waited the 3 minutes I kept seeing a very,very faint line. Once the 3 minutes were up, I went into the bedroom and told Paul to get up that I had something to tell him. Well, he literally jumped out of bed and by this time I was a blubbering idiot and I told him that "I think I'm pregnant"!!! He thought I was crying because I was upset about it, but I was crying happy tears!!! Paul just held me and let me cry and he was just as happy as I was!!!

I went to the lab to get the blood work done that afternoon and the pregnancy was confirmed on Thursday 8-6-09. I remember thinking that would I was finally going to be able to say these words:

I WAS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 23, 2010

This is another day that I will always, always remember, because it was the day my daughter was born and Paul and I become parents for the first time. My labor was fairly easy although I did have to have a c-section (every time I would push she would go down, then I would stop and she would go back up). It is an experience that I will never ever forget.

I will never forget the look of amazement on Paul's when she was placed in his arms. They just kept staring at each other, while I was watching them and crying. When I was finally able to hold her all I could thing was I can't believe we made this wonderfully, beautiful baby girl. She brings so much joy to our lives. We love her so much and we would do anything in the world for her. 


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