Saturday, February 16, 2013

Over the Hill and a Birthday Recap

Hi Lovelies!

I am officially "over the hill" and rolling down the other side of it. I told myself that I would not let turning 40 bother me. Well, that didn't happen yesterday. I wasn't in a very good mood on my birthday. I was depressed, upset, and tired. I was not in my happy place at all. But something Husby said to me brought it right back. He told me that we have something to live for, to be happy for.....our beautiful daughter.

So, I despite waking up in a grumpy mood, I had a great birthday. Here's a recap through pictures of my special day.....

My birthday presents from Husby

My favorite author!

One of my favorite shows

The party was small. We had a couple of friends over for some yummy food and birthday cake

We had this:

  BBQ beef sandwiches

 potato salad

 Chips and dip

The theme was supposed to be John Hughes movies, but somehow it morphed into a Pac Man theme because of the decorations that I bought. 

   The decorations:

The cake: 

And last but not least, my "Over the Hill" present that our friends put together, which I thought was pretty funny! I'll have to post the pic later!

Well, there's the recap of my birthday. I hope my 40s are as special as my 30s were!


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