Friday, March 15, 2013


I'm worried. About my husband. Paul had a routine (general check-up) appointment last week and he was told that he had a knot underneath his adam's apple. I don't know how we did not notice it before, but it is defininatly there. We both went to Dr. Googgle and we think that it is his thyroid. We also think that this is bump is due to not having enough iodine in his diet. He has a restrictive diet where I can't eat salt so we think it is because of this. However, next Tuesday and Wednesday he is going in for thyroid testing. We have been praying about this all week, we hope it is an easy fix and that he will be alright. I'm trying to be strong for him and to keep stress away from him.

So, yes, I am worried. Very worried.

Please keep Paul in your prayers.

Thank you,


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