Thursday, August 1, 2013

Unexpected Sighting

I had another post scheduled for today but I decided that I needed to vent about what happened last Friday. It started out pretty good. Paul, "A", and I went into town to just look around and do little bit of shopping. First, we went to the mall for some frozen yogurt and to walk around and to do some window shopping. Then, on a whim, we decided to go to Sam's to pick up a few things that we needed. While in Sam's we decided to look at the BBQ grills, mainly because "A" likes anything shiny that has buttons. Well, Paul decided that we needed a cart, so we went to get one, and it was at this time that we had our unexpected sighting.

Now, you are probably wandering who or what this unexpected sighting was. Well, I'll tell you who it was...... it was my PARENTS!

Now, let me remind you that I do not talk to my parents and I have maybe only seen them a handful of times in the last twenty years. And they have never met "A" until now. They have known about her, but they have never seen her. When they first came up to us, I didn't recognize them until they talked. They have changed so much. They both told us how cute "A" was and my stepmonster looked at "A" and told her that she was her "Oma", which made me cringe. I knew the only thing that I could do was stay as calm as I could and tried not to make a scene. I kept the conversation as quick and simple as I could. 

The sighting rattles Paul and I for most of the day. We have tried not to talk about it, but we are just hoping that they don't start harassing us again. If they do, I will not hesitate to file a protective order against them again. I'm protecting my daughter. 

I just hope that I handled the situation the right way. I just don't trust my parents around my daughter. 

Thanks for listening Lovelies!!


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