Saturday, December 22, 2012

"A's" Favorites

Hi Lovelies! 

I meant to write this post yesterday and I just did not get around to it. Today is all about "A's" favorites. She's a fiesty, independent, and adorable 2 year old, who loves to make her Mommy and Daddy laugh all day long. She loves to dance and make up silly songs. Here are just a few of her favorites right now (these can change at any time):

Dora the Explorer- she loves this show! Just the other day she said her first spanish word, rojo, which means red. We were so proud of her. Usually after watching Dora, she will grab her monkey back pack and we reinact the entire episode. It's so darn cute! 

Doc McStuffins- this is a new show that we just started watching. She loves this one too. After watching an episode she will give Mommy, Daddy, and some of her stuffed animals checkups. Again, it's so darn cute!

Mega Blocks (pink)- she plays with these all day long. She loves to make towers and then she likes to knock them over.

Step 2 Kitchen- she likes to "cook" and she even tries to uses my pans on her little stove. She makes the best pretend eggs and pancakes and I hope she has my love of cooking and baking when she is older.

These are just a few of her favorite things. What do your children like to play and what are their favorite things?

Have a happy Saturday Lovelies!


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