Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Hi Lovelies! 

Happy Almost New Year!!! Today I'm going to talk about my New Year's Resolutions. I make them every year only to break them two months later. So, this year I'm take a new approach and I'm going say New Year's Aspirations instead of resolutions. Maybe now I will keep them and accomplish them this time. 

New Year's Aspirations:

1. To lose weight. This is always first on my list and it is always the first one that I break. In order to accomplish this one I have joined Weight Watchers (again). Hopefully third times a charm. I hope to stick with the program this time.

2. To become more organized. For this I'm going to overhaul my home management notebook and update my planners every week.

3. To be a better to my husband

4. To be one step closer to graduating. After this year I should only one more year and then I will have my master's degree.

5. To embrace turning 40 in February. I have decided that I am going to enjoy turning 40 and I refuse to be upset about it. I have a wonderful life and an awesome husband and daughter.

So, Lovelies..... those are my New Year's Aspirations. What are yours?


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