Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some of my favorite songs

Hi Lovelies! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. My Saturday will find me busy with housework, laundry, and playing with "A". Hubby is working on the dryer (it just stopped working on Christmas) and hopefully he has found the problem (he thinks it's the switch). I hope to have my dryer back soon, if this doesn't solve the problem then we might have to buy a new dryer (which we are trying to avoid). 

Anyway, today I thought I would share some of my favorite songs with you. Now, I'm going to warn you but most of this list consists of songs of the eighties (Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, Journey, etc). I hope you enjoy them as much as I love singing along with them. FYI- I'm introducing these songs to "A" and so far she loves Bon Jovi (just like her Momma). 

Here's the list:

1. Livin on a prayer- Bon Jovi

2. Rock Star- Nickelback

3. Don't stop believing- Journey

4.  Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi

5. We're not gonna take it- Twisted Sister

6. You Give Love a Bad Name- Bon Jovi

7. 18 and Life- Skid Row

8. I Remember You- Skid Row

9. Sweet Child O' Mine- Guns N Roses

10. November Rain- Guns N Roses

Rock On Lovelies!!!


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