Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letting Go......

I know it's going to happen, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen. However, knowing this does not make it any easier. 

My daughter. My husband and I created her out of our love for each other. I carried in my womb. I nutured and protected her for 36 weeks in that womb. I gave birth to this beautiful baby girl. I celebrated each and every milestone, all the while taking pictures and videos.

And soon, it will be hard to celebrate the next new milestone......


We have spent 3 years together. We have raised, loved, and guided her. Both of us. Together. 

When the time comes to send my beautiful daughter to preschool, it will hard to let go. I know she needs this experience. I know she will learn and grow from this experience. 

My husband and I have been the ones to teach her. And, now, others will be teaching her. I know she needs this, and I think I need it too.

So, when the time comes, there will be tears, maybe more tears from me than from her. 

But, there will be tears. 

And, because of this experience, she will become an even better little person. 


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