Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Celeb Roundup

Hi Lovelies! 

Well, baby girl is in bed, Husby is playing a game on the Xbox and I am writing this post (when I should be cleaning the kitchen) contemplating should I finish the kitchen or should I just go to bed soon. I think the kitchen can wait until tomorrow, I just might go to bed early tonight. 

Anyway, it's Friday! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! So, I thought I would post another celeb roundup. Here's this week's gossip.......

Miley and Liam

Are they or aren't they? That is the question. He bought a new house without her and she is still ringless. What gives?

Kim Kardashian registers for baby

Okay, who buys all white clothes for babies? I mean really? As a mom, in the first few months all my daughter did was spit up and had diaper blowouts. And I never put her in all white, in fact I still don't. Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid?

Justin Bieber

Has the boy lost his mind? What was that crazy rant about in London? 

Well, ladies, that's all the gossip that I can find. Did I miss something or has just been a slow week for celebrity gossip?

Have a fun and safe Friday!!!


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