Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Hi Lovelies! 

Paul graciously lent me his laptop so I could write a quick post! This is going to be quick, so here we go!

Random #1: Angelina went to her very first skating party on Sunday! She had so much fun and she even "skated" for a few minutes.

Random #2: I'm in party planning mode for Angelina's 3rd birthday party. The theme is all things Dora.

Random #3: I have so much yarn and I don't even knit or crochet. I'm now pinning yarn projects on pinterest.

Random #4: I'm so ready for spring to finally appear. 

Randome #5: We are planning a trip to the zoo over the summer. So excited!

Well Lovelies, Paul needs his computer. See, told ya it would be quick. I'll talk to ya later!


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