Tuesday, March 19, 2013


They happen at the same time everyday. 5pm. This is our witching hour. 

They come out of nowhere. Sometimes it's because Angelina hasn't had her nap. Sometimes it's because we tell her no when she wants something that she cannot have.

Whatever the reason, they are difficult to get through. However, when they happen, they are short lived, and when they are over she is our happy, smiley girl again.

When the tantrum happens, we ignore them the best the we can. This is the difficult part. Ignoring the tantrum. The tantrum usually ends with Angelina saying, "I want my Mom". I pick her up, rub her back, tell her I love her, and she is happy again. 

This can happen multiple times from 5pm to bedtime, which is usually 830pm. Three and a half hours of pure agony. But, somehow we get through them. Everyday.

Here's a question: How do you handle your Little One's tantrums?

Have a nice day!


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