Monday, March 18, 2013

My Monday Braindump

Nothing exciting happened today. It was just a normal Monday around here so I thought I would do a brain dump post today.

1. We had a great weekend. The weather was so nice that we stayed outside as much as we could.

2. I am so disappointed in American Idol. The judges are awful and the talent is any better (expect for a couple for the girls).

3. I can't wait for Angelina's birthday party! I'm excited and she is excited. It's all that she talks about.

4. Easter is coming! 

5. I need a haircut real bad, I'm just too lazy to make the appointment.

6. I'm already dreading my next class. I have two assignments due every week and it's only 8 weeks!

7. I haven't really decorated Angelina's big girl room yet (hangs head in shame), so I'm thinking of pinning a few things and trying to make them.

Have a nice evening!


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